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Rayka company Qian industry in recent years has the potential scientific and experimental with experienced staff consists of experienced technical and business professionals to meet the various needs of the industry Especially in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment is provided. This sets according to ability and communication with Iranian Asian and European manufacturers able to supply all mechanical equipment And piping and instrumentation equipment items including test and measurement devices comply with international standards and provide the best quality and best price in the shortest time possible It is worth noting In addition to the reputable foreign imports of goods from factories with quality certificate of the company Save time with Stoke in their warehouse in Iran, obviously this would reduce the availability of consumer items will be required. Rayka mission equipment industry in general can be named as follows: 1. Providing technical advice and expertise in choosing between the various suppliers of goods and brands and to introduce the best supplier 2 .We offer appropriate technical and financial offers by selecting the desired standard and compliance with the technical documentation provided by the employer for needed items As well as the recognition of reputable domestic and foreign manufacturers the most complete proposal, taking into account all aspects including delivery time and reasonable price will provide excellent

3 supply allows the import and production of parts and items required by the employer, taking into account all the above conditions

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